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A Letter from the Administrator

The fall season is already upon us, and the holidays will be here before we know it. While we encourage spending time with your loved ones, please be mindful of the types of items you bring to your loved ones. We ask that you do not bring valuable items to be left in your loved ones’ rooms. We also ask that personal care items that are left should not have a warning label on them that states “Keep out of reach of children”; This also includes sharp instruments, glass objects, cigarettes, and lighters. The receptionist or nurses station will have a detailed list of items that states what is not allowed. We strive to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

We also ask that with the change of season, you change out clothing appropriate to the season. Please take the off-season clothing home to be stored. Each resident has a limited amount of space available to them for storage of their everyday essentials. The staff at Arden Wood work extremely hard to keep a neat and orderly home for your loved ones. Thank you for your cooperation.