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Letter from the Administrator

Despite the warm temperatures, fall will be upon us before you know it. The leaves soon will begin changing; to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellow. The temperatures will be a bit more tolerable with cooler air blowing through. The holidays will be here before you know it; this means many family gatherings and festivities!! And as we all gather to celebrate, let us be mindful that we are still dealing with Covid outbreaks, and this is also the time of the year for the flu.

We will begin administering flu vaccinations to residents and staff members soon. In addition, we will be encouraging Covid Vaccine boosters. We need to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent spreading viruses. Such as Hand-washing, wearing masks, and staying home when you aren’t feeling well. Let us keep in mind these key practices. I hope that everyone enjoys the beauty that fall brings. Stay positive, stay well, and enjoy everything that life has in store for you all.