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Letter from the Administrator

The flu season is upon us. This year with the inclusion of CoVid-19, we are challenged to ensure that we take a moment to share the procedures that we will be using to protect our residents, staff and visitors. Each year nearly 80,000 people die from vaccine-preventable influenza and pneumonia despite the availability of effective vaccines. Some 50- 80% of these deaths, most of which occur in persons 65 years of age- could be prevented with timely and widespread vaccination. You can protect your loved ones from the flu and pneumonia by making sure you are immunized each year. An influenza shot will protect you from the flu and will prevent you from passing this illness to our most vulnerable population. We ask for your support in this effort by postponing visits for 10 days if you exhibit any symptoms of a respiratory infection including but not limited to Cold, Flu or CoVid-19. Arden Wood has special screening and education requirements which will be provided prior to a visitation. We ask for your strict compliance with the screening process and testing requirements. We will provide you approved a N-95 facemask if you meet the criteria for indoor visitation. The PPE Arden Wood provides for the visit must be worn during your visit without exception. You will also be required to sanitize your hands before, after and possibly during the visit. This requirement is non-negotiable as it is protection for the residents of Arden Wood as well as yourself and the community at large. Ask your employer, health plan, family physician, or pharmacist about getting a flu shot. It’s the right thing to do!

Sincerely, Aaron Mulvey, LNFA