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Letter from the Administrator

The celebration of Father’s Day reminds us about the importance and challenges of fatherhood. Fathers don’t always enjoy the glow of intimacy and admiration we give our mothers. Indeed, fathers have the cultural image of bread winner, disciplinarian, authority figure. Traditionally, our culture has put fathers into a very difficult role. They must earn the wage, but be present, must be compassionate, but disciplinarian.

It is no surprise that the father we all most often recognize in the Bible is the father of the prodigal son. It is the most inspiring and revealing story of fatherhood. It is unconditional love in its highest form. While we use that story to reflect God’s grace and love, it is also meant to show how human fathers should be understood.

As we celebrate this special day, for that special person in our lives who we call father, remember that he may seem remote but likely is closer to you than you realize. He may be the definition of “tough love”, but it is love. Remember, you are more important to him than you can imagine. In either case, embarrass dad with an abundance of attention, praise and acknowledgement this Father’s Day.