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June Success Story

Unrecognizable elderly man using walker, young doctor supporting and helping him at retirement home. Pensioner moving around with walking frame, caregiver holding his hand, closeup

Five years ago, in the Spring of 2017, a male resident was brought to Arden Wood. When he was first admitted, he could not move his limbs or walk without assistance. At that time, he was very ill and was losing weight extremely fast. After living at Arden Wood for a month to get his nutrition together, he began both occupational and physical therapy. The resident’s main goal was to increase his strength and to be able to walk again. He said the hardest obstacle he remembers was having to push himself when he was starting to stand again. “I could comfortably stand for short periods of time, but if I wanted to walk again I knew I would have to stand a lot longer than I was currently able to.” He also said “Since therapy, I can now move my arms and legs without assistance, and I can walk with a walker as long as I have a spotter. I am truly grateful for both the staff at Arden Wood and the therapy staff, because not only did they save my life medically, but they also saved the quality of my life.