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Give a Gift Made from the Heart

Who doesn’t love gifts? There’s just something amazing about the fulfilling process of unwrapping or unboxing a gift, and the anticipation of wondering what’s inside.

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Easy Turkey Craft

All you need for this easy turkey craft is some glue, a pencil, a black marker, scissors, and brown, orange, yellow, and red construction paper

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Happy Birthday!

Residents F. A. November 05 L. H. November 06 J. M. November 06 M. R. November 07 L. N. November 11 W. L. November 15

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October is Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapists work to restore strength, mobility and promote greater independence, either unassisted or with assistive devices. Licensed physical therapists focus on improvement, coordination, balance,

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Easy Pumpkin Crafts

Paint a Pumpkin: Pumpkin carving can be messy, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. Instead, use some permanent markers or acrylic paint to make your pumpkin look like

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