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Short-Term Therapy Success

Ms. L. was admitted from Memorial Hermann Memorial City Upon admission to Arden Wood, she required moderate assistance for all mobility and self-care activities. She also had mild oral dysphagia. Despite suffering from several co-morbidities, including acute metabolic encephalopathy, Ms. La and her Rehab team worked daily to improve her tolerance to movement and activity, progressing to balance and standing activities, and finally to full mobility and ADL training. Also, worked on her oral motor swallow abilities. She is now Independent with all mobility and ADLs. She uses a Rollator walker for mobility and to provide a seat to sit if she fatigues. Three weeks after admission to Arden Wood, Ms. Le was able to discharge back to her home with her daughter and home health, an event she admits she wasn’t sure would occur. She credits her wonderful team of nurses and therapists at Arden Wood for her incredible recovery and looks forward to being back home with her daughter and resuming her life.

Congratulations to Ms. L on a job well done!