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Short-Term Therapy Success Stories

In May, we had two Respiratory Success Stories, thanks to our fantastic Respiratory Team; Dr. Ruspeah Vakil and LaSandra Burnett, Respiratory Therapist.

A.E. presented with disfussed wheezing through all lung fields. She was put on AirVo (high flo oxygen), her sats went from 92% to 98% in 3 days. She is breathing comfortably at this time and was not hospitalized which is typical without proper treatment.

R.E. Presented with CHF and was not using his BiPAP at all. LaSandra and our Nursing team finally convinced him to wear the BiPAP at night. Prior to wearing the BiPAP, his sats were in the low 90’s, they are at 98-99% at this time. Without this intervention, he would definitely returned to the hospital. Our team was able to prevent this from happening by constantly educating our residents to their condition and treatment methods.