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Success Story

F.S. came to Arden Wood shortly before Christmas with a severe decline in performance with all functional task. He demonstrated a decrease in both upper extremity and lower extremity strength, endurance as well as a sharp decline in sitting and standing balance. At the time of admittance to Arden Wood he required extensive assistance with self-care task such as dressing and grooming. He was unable to transfer and get out of bed by himself and unable to walk. With assistance by Occupational, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy services along with great family and friend support he was able to achieve in a two week span a level of independence that is allowing him to return home with supervision assist from his son. F.S. has demonstrated a consistent increase in endurance, strength, postural stability, and standing balance as evidenced by his ability to walk across uneven surfaces and varied terrains without the use of an assistive device. F.S. along with support of his family and friends have demonstrated a determination and strong commitment to improving his well-being that has now translated to him returning home with supervision only.