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Winter Weather Update

Dear family, friends, and community partners: As you know, we are experiencing an extreme cold weather event, which has prompted our local officials to issue a winter storm warning.

Beginning Friday, 2/12, we initiated our own freeze warning disaster plans. We’ve taken steps to ensure the health, warmth, and safety of our staff and residents. We are well-stocked and provisioned, and we have adequately prepared the facility for extremely cold weather, including setting up specialized warm zones and protecting pipes and other vital infrastructure.
As with any extreme weather event, we choose to operate our facility out of an extreme sense of caution and vigilance.

Please rest assured your loved ones will remain warm and safe on this extremely cold Valentine’s day, and through the week to come.

We will continue to maintain communication with all staff and families, and provide routine updates on our website and Facebook page.

The Arden Wood Leadership Team